Training-Colorado Contract Improvement Team (CCIT)

Training and/or information is provided by the Central Contracts Unit (CCU) through the Colorado Contract Improvement Team (CCIT) for anyone who performs contract-related functions at State agencies, offices of the Governor, the Legislature, Judicial, and institutions of higher education.

CCIT Meetings

Throughout the year, open CCIT meetings are held for training. Meeting information is circulated via the CCIT Listserve and posted here.

  • Next CCIT Meeting:  April 26, 2016 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Location:  Fort Logan Auditorium
  • Handouts: - TBD 
  • Other Discussion Documents – TBD

Directions for Common Meeting Locations:

o    Camp George West is located at 15055 S. Golden Road, Golden, Colorado.  Meetings are held in Building 100. Click here for directions.

o    Fort Logan Campus is located at 3520 W. Oxford Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80236.  Meetings are held in the Main classroom 102.

Click here for directions.

o    Denver Armory is located at 5275 Franklin Street Denver, CO 80126.  Meetings are held in the auditorium. Click here for directions.

CCIT Listserve

Periodically, information is transmitted to CCIT subscribers via a listserve. To subscribe to CCIT Mailings, go to the following:


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