Procurement Training

The State Purchasing and Contracts Office (SPCO) offers free training on a range of topics, including Procurement Modernization, for the procurement community. All upcoming training will be announced on this page, with a registration link. In addition, any procurement resources that are developed can be accessed here.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Statutory Violations Prevention Contract Drafting Boot Camp Controller Pre-Delegation Training
1525 Sherman St, Denver, Room 104 1525 Sherman St, Denver, Room 104 1525 Sherman St, Denver, Room 305
5-24-2018 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Register Date Time Register 4-27-2018 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Register

Procurement Knowledge Grid

Procurement knowledge spans many topics listed in the grid below. SPCO plans to provide training in these areas. 

Delegation Procurement Fundamentals Solicitation & Award Commitment Documents Contract Management Vendor Training

Controller Delegation

Purchasing Delegation

Procurement Resources

Ethics & Communication

Methods of Source Selection

Planning & Research

Preferences & Set Asides

Commercial Card

Procurement Writing

Invitation for Bid

Documented Quotes

Request for Proposal

Administrative Remedies


Pricing/ Payment Structures


Vendor Agreements

PO Terms & Conditions

Contract Provisions

Indemnification & Limitations of Liability

Contract Management System

Successful Contract Management

Statutory Violation Prevention

How to Do Business with the State

Colorado VSS (Vendor Self-Service)

Vendor Rights & Responsibilites


The Procurement Modernization bill passed, and every State procurement professional must understand how the changes affect responsibilities and decisions. To help gain an understanding of these changes, please visit Procurment Modernization Initiative page to:

  • Read and review documentation provided by SPCO
  • View the Modernization high-level overview webinar
  • Check back for Modernization updates

Procurement Toolkit

Resources for self-directed or team learning:

State Price Agreement

CCARD Manual

​For more information contact
Michelle Arnold
Procurement Appeals Administrator
(303) 866-4911