Executive Team

Will Toor, Executive Director 303-866-2202
Andrew Sand, Deputy Director 303-866-2206

Residential Energy Services

Ryan Harry, Sr. Program Manager 303-866-2262
Ryan Manzik, Sr. Program Manager     303-866-6472
Jacob Wolff, Quality Assurance Manager     303-866-2264
Andy Cordova, Sr. Technical & Training Manager  303-866-2497
Zac Stewart, Technical & Training Specialist       303-866-2084
Kim Burke, Sr. Program Manager      303-866-2343
Jeffrey King, Program Manager   303-866-2259

Commercial & Industrial Energy Services

Michael Turner, Director                                                 303-866-6665
Mirka della Cava, Sr. Program Manager   303-866-3464
Taylor Lewis, Program Engineer   303-866-2483
Anna Kelly, Associate Program Manager 303-866-5917
DeLynne Southern, Technical Specialist    303-866-2391

Transportation Fuels & Technology

Christian Williss, Director                                               303-866-2386
Zach Owens, Program Manager                                     303-866-3279
Maria Eisemann, Policy Analyst                                   303-866-2204
Addison Phillips, Associate                                    303-866-2127

Public Affairs*

Nate Watters, Director of Public Affairs 303-866-2614
Heatheryn Higgins, Public Information Officer & Content Director      303-866-6585
Lindsey Stegall, Manager  303-866-2594
Jocelyn Durkey, Policy Analyst  303-866-2791


Gregg Hefner, Director of Accounting & Budget 303-866-3964
PJ Johnson, Budget Analyst   303-866-2601
Anthony Pollard, Accountant  303-866-2309
Eric Lowe, Sr. Data Analyst  303-866-2064
Chi.Nguyen, Sr. Information Technology Professional   303-866-2185
Nancey Steinheimer, Executive Assistant & Office Manager 303-866-2462
Sara Graf, Procurement Director (Governor’s Office)  303-866-2326

*For all media inquiries, contact CEO's Public Information Officer. For all requests under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), contact