Government & Schools

Pomona High School, Arvada, CO

Local governments, institutions of higher education, and state agencies

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) offers energy efficiency financing solutions for local governments, institutions of higher education, and state agencies. Through one of the nation’s most successful Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) programs, CEO finances facility improvements with guaranteed savings.

With EPC, you contract an energy service company (ESCO) to conduct an investment-grade audit of the facilities and receive a prioritized list of facility improvement measures. Next, through a separate performance contract, the ESCO guarantees that you will realize energy, water and associated operations and maintenance savings from a set of facility improvements. The utility savings offset construction costs, alleviating pressure on your budget. After any financing period ends, all subsequent cost savings accrue to you.

Learn more about the EPC program and how to apply here.

K-12 schools

CEO is engaged in supporting K-12 schools. The office has launched a comprehensive K-12 energy efficiency initiative called the Energy Savings for Schools (ESS) Program. The ESS program provides core energy services such as an energy audit, preliminary renewable energy assessment, technical and implementation support, and energy coaching for up to twenty-four (24) schools who seek to improve the efficiency of their facilities.

Learn more about the ESS program and how to apply here.

The ESS program will provide assistance to eligible schools throughout Colorado in obtaining funding via a variety of K-12 energy programs offered through CEO including: the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Schools Loan Program (REEES), the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP), the High Performing Schools Program (HPSP), the Center for Resource Conservation’s (CRC) Renew Our Schools (RNOS) competition, and CEO’s Energy Performance Contracting.

More information about these K-12 energy programs can be found here.

PACE financing for public buildings

Colorado C-PACE financing can also be used for public buildings. Learn more about the Colorado C-PACE program here.