Energy Savings for Schools

Pomona High School in Arvada, Colorado

ESS Application

The Colorado Energy Office’s (CEO) Energy Savings for Schools Program (ESS) provides technical resources to all schools across Colorado, for energy/water efficiency and renewable energy, and provides a consolidated platform for all of CEO’s K12 supported programs. The ESS Program includes a free energy audit, preliminary renewable energy assessment, technical and implementation support, and energy coaching. Schools also are connected to other resources that can help them meet their energy goals. The ESS Program works with more than 20 schools per year to achieve measurable savings and create sustainable energy programs.

Program Successes to Date:

  • 28 schools are enrolled in the ESS Program
  • 1,849,490 kWh of electrical savings, 108,140 therms of gas savings, and 2,097 gallons of water savings have been identified.
  • Over $733,600 in grants have been secured to help schools finance project implementation.
  • An exchange component of the program has been developed with the objective to provide a long-lasting, self-sustaining, and capacity-building platform for schools to develop relationships with other schools and to learn from their experiences.

The ESS Program helps schools to implement energy efficiency measures and leverage low- to no-cost options to pay for upgrades that yield long-term benefits for Colorado. Schools reap the benefits of lower monthly utility bills and higher classroom comfort and safety, and students increase their energy literacy and gain a valuable understanding of how their behaviors influence consumption of resources.

ESS also connects school districts to other CEO K12 programs, potential funding sources, and a peer network for sharing best management practices and successes. Programs supported by CEO include:

  • Supplemental Environmental Projects Program (SEP) through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • High Performing Schools Program
  • CEO’s Energy Performance Contracting
  • Renew Our Schools Program
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Schools Loan Program (REEES)

    ESS Information:
  • ESS Application
  • ESS Flyer
  • ESS FAQs
  • ESS Standards for Success

For more information, contact Michael Turner, CEO Energy Efficiency Programs Manager, at: