Govs. Hickenlooper and Kasich renew call for Congress to pass long-term CHIP and permanent DACA solution

DENVER — Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018 — Gov. John Hickenlooper and Gov. Kasich today signed a letter urging Congress to pass long-term funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and find a permanent solution for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Gov. Hickenlooper’s statement on Amazon’s short list for second headquarters

DENVER — Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018 — Gov. John Hickenlooper today gave the following statement on Amazon releasing the list of 20 finalists for its second headquarters.

“It’s great to be on Amazon’s list of finalists as they consider the location of their second headquarters,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “Colorado is one of the most business-friendly states in America and we believe the Denver region would be a great choice for Amazon.”

Colorado to partner in GirlsGoCyberStart, an innovative cybersecurity program for high school girls

DENVER — Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018 — Gov. Hickenlooper and the State’s Chief Information Security Officer Deborah Blyth have joined with the SANS Institute to help educate and inspire the next generation of female cybersecurity professionals. Through the GirlsGoCyberStart program, Colorado’s high school girls in grades 9 through 12, or a homeschool equivalent, are invited to discover their talents in cybersecurity and learn about the field through a no-cost, online game of fun technical challenges.

In 2017, the SANS Institute piloted CyberStart, a program designed to inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals while identifying talented youth. The summer 2017 State CyberStart program enabled nearly 3,500 students in seven states to discover and demonstrate their aptitude for cybersecurity. Only five percent of the participating students were young women. Undeterred, SANS has launched GirlsGoCyberStart, a new program designed specifically to attract high school girls.

Gov. Hickenlooper delivers final State of the State speech

DENVER — Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018 — Gov. John Hickenlooper today delivered his eighth and final State of the State speech before Colorado’s General Assembly. As he begins his final year in office, the Governor stressed that he is not letting up on the state’s top priorities and encouraged the legislature to collaborate on tackling infrastructure, bolstering education and building budget reserves.

New Senior Advisor on Aging selected for Colorado

DENVER — Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018 — Gov. Hickenlooper today announced that Wade Buchanan is Colorado’s new Senior Advisor on Aging. This position will play a key role helping leaders focus on key aging-related concerns like mobility, health care, housing and more.
The State Demography Office estimates Colorado will have more than 1.2 million residents aged 65 and over by 2030.

“Wade brings a wealth of experience on the issues that affect older Coloradans to our team,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “With Wade at the helm, we will be able to better understand and plan effectively for the unique issues that come with a significantly larger senior population.”

Governor submits plan for new revenue with focus on transportation and education

DENVER — Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018 — Gov. John Hickenlooper today submitted budget amendments for both the current year and next year’s budgets. The State is expecting new revenue above the September 2017 projections, from both improving economic conditions and investor income, but also the newly adopted federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). The new federal law will increase the amount of taxable income, which is the basis of Colorado’s income tax.

“It’s not often we find ourselves in a position where resources are available to actually go beyond our initial budget request,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “Education and transportation are grossly underfunded. This new revenue should go to these priorities. We also must acknowledge that we have a long way to go with each for long-term solutions.”

FY 2017-18 Supplemental Budget Request

In addition to the plan for new revenue, the request includes supplemental budget requests for the current year for important priorities in the Departments of Corrections, Education, Health Care Policy and Financing, Human Services, and others. The request reflects a total funds increase from the original appropriation of $221.0 million (0.8 percent), including $18.5 million (0.2 percent) from the General Fund, $5.1 million (0.3 percent) from reappropriated funds, a reduction of $81.4 million (-1.0 percent) from cash funds, and $278.8 million (3.2 percent) from federal funds.

Report examines strategies for strengthening Colorado’s talent pipeline

DENVER — Friday, Dec. 22, 2017 — The Colorado Workforce Development Council today released its annual Colorado Talent Pipeline Report, which assesses issues related to the supply and demand of talent in Colorado and strategies for strengthening the state’s talent pipeline.

The report focuses on high-demand, high-growth jobs, that pay a good wage in two earnings tiers: one including jobs meeting a living wage for a family of three with one working adult, and a second including jobs meeting a living wage for an individual.

Job openings in the higher earnings tier are largely concentrated in health care practitioners and technical roles, business/finance, IT occupations, and in management positions. Job openings in the earnings tier that meet a living wage for an individual are largely concentrated in construction, office and administrative support, health care support, and food preparation and serving occupations.

Joint Budget Committee approves Gov. Hickenlooper’s request for emergency CHP+ funding

Denver — Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017 — The Joint Budget Committee (JBC) today approved Gov. John Hickenlooper’s request for emergency funding to continue Colorado’s Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) program through Feb. 28, 2018. This supplemental funding provides additional time for Congress to authorize federal funding and prevents cancellation notices from being sent to Colorado CHP+ members next week.

“We appreciate today’s bipartisan action by the JBC as it gives CHP+ families peace of mind through the holidays. Still,this funding is only temporary,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “Congress needs to stop playing politics and renew funding for the program.”

Funding for the emergency CHP+ budget request will come from the Children’s Basic Health Plan Trust which was created using monies from the 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement. No General Funds will be used in this request. Congress can act at any time. If they act quickly and reauthorize the federal Child Health Insurance Program in January - and barring any further gap in federal funding – it is expected today’s emergency funding will not be needed. Regular updates can be found at

Gov. Hickenlooper announces Boards and Commissions appointments

DENVER — Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017 — Gov. John Hickenlooper today announced Boards and Commissions appointments to the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational and Occupational Education and Judicial Nominating Commissions.

The State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education is the governing body for the state community college system and the coordinating board for local district colleges. It also coordinates the activities of area vocational schools.

For terms expiring Dec. 31, 2021:

Daniel Villanueva of Pagosa Springs, an Unaffiliated from the Third Congressional District, appointed;

Maria Vittoria-Carminati of Centennial, a Democrat from the Sixth Congressional District, appointed.

There is a Judicial District Nominating Commission for each of Colorado’s 22 judicial districts that selects nominees for district and county judicial vacancies. Each district nominating commission is chaired by a justice of the Supreme Court, who is a non-voting member of the commission.