The Governor’s Office of Policy and Research gathers information and provides analysis on a wide range of federal, state and local issues that come to the attention of the Governor. The staff assists the Governor in developing and monitoring public policies, as well as analyzing all legislation that is considered each session. The office also proactively assists in implementing the Governor’s policy agenda, in collaboration with the Governor’s cabinet. The office also staffs the Governor for his participation in:

Kurtis Morrison
Legislative Director 

Lisa Carpenter
Deputy Director of Strategic Operations

Jefferey Riester
Legislative Liaison

Policy Staff:

  • Simon Tafoya - Senior Policy Director
  • Adam Zarrin - Senior Policy Advisor: Criminal Justice, Public Safety, Military & Veteran Affairs, and Transportation
  • Matt Hastings - Agriculture, Local Affairs, and Personnel & Administration, and Economic Development
  • Laurie Williams - Natural Resources, and Energy
  • Kyle M. Brown - Health, and Human Services
  • Evy Valencia - Education, and Human Services

Contact the Office of Policy, Research and Legislative Affairs at (303) 866-2471.