DENVER — Wednesday, May 24, 2017 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed these bills into law between May 15 - 24, 2017.





HB 17-1057

Interstate Physical Therapy Licensure Compact

Sens. Gardner & Kerr / Reps. Winter & Liston

Concerning the adoption of an interstate compact to allow persons authorized to practice physical therapy in a state to obtain the privilege to practice physical therapy in other member states, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

HB 17-1301

No Withholding Student Transcripts For Library Fines

Sens. Fields & Holbert / Rep. Michaelson Jenet

Concerning protecting a student's access to school records necessary for enrollment in another educational institution despite outstanding payments due to the school.

HB 17-1204

Juvenile Delinquency Record Expungement

Sen. Cooke / Rep. Lee

Concerning juvenile delinquency record expungement, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

HB 17-1211

Educators Professional Development Discipline Strategies

Sen. Priola / Rep. Coleman

Concerning professional development for educators regarding disciplinary strategies for young students.

HB 17-1214

Encourage Employee Ownership Of Existing Small Business

Sen. Tate / Rep. Coleman

Concerning efforts to encourage employee ownership of the state's existing small businesses.

HB 17-1162

Outstanding Judgments And Driver's Licenses

Sen. Gardner / Rep. Gray

Concerning action that can be taken against an individual based on the individual's failure to pay for a traffic violation, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

HB 17-1227

Electric Demand-side Management Program Extension

Sens. Fenberg & Priola / Reps. Winter & Lawrence

Concerning an extension of demand-side management goals for investor-owned utilities as set by the public utilities commission.

HB 17-1201

Science Technology Engineering Math Diploma Endorsement

Sens. Priola & Zenzinger / Rep. Coleman

Concerning authorization for granting a high school diploma endorsement in the combined disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

HB 17-1246

ST-elevation Myocardial Infarction Task Force Recommendations Heart Attack Care

Sens. Garcia & Tate / Rep. Kraft-Tharp

Concerning implementation of the STEMI task force recommendations relating to reporting confirmed heart attack incidents in the state.

HB 17-1354

Collection Of Delinquent Taxes On Mobile Homes

Sens. Kefalas & Priola / Rep. Becker, K.

Concerning the collection of delinquent taxes on certain mobile homes.

HB 17-1113

Allow Electronic Committee Participation During Interim

Sen. Scott / Reps. Willett & Arndt

Concerning electronic participation in committee meetings during the legislative interim.

HB 17-1258

Renaming Delta-Montrose Technical College

Sens. Donovan & Coram / Reps. Hamner & Willett

Concerning renaming Delta-Montrose Technical College to Technical College of the Rockies.

HB 17-1003

Strategic Plan To Address Teacher Shortages

Sen. Coram / Rep. McLachlan

Concerning a strategic action plan to address teacher shortages in Colorado.

HB 17-1077

Useful Public Service Cash Fund

Sen. Coram / Rep. Valdez

Concerning the useful public service cash fund.

HB 17-1317

State Historical Society Authority To Sell Property

Sens. Kefalas & Baumgardner / Reps. Esgar & Hansen

Concerning the authority of the state historical society to dispose of real property located on the former Lowry Air Force base.

HB 17-1104

Exclude Olympic Medal Income From Taxable Income

Sen. Priola / Rep. Navarro

Concerning the exclusion from state taxable income of the monetary value of any medal won by an athlete while competing for the United States of America at the olympic games, so long as the athlete's federal adjusted gross income does not exceed a specified amount.

HB 17-1283

Task Force Child Welfare Worker Resiliency Program

Sens. Cooke & Garcia / Reps. Singer & Nordberg

Concerning the creation of a task force to examine workforce resiliency in the child welfare system.

HB 17-1248

Colorado Water Conservation Board Construction Fund Project

Sen. Cooke / Rep. Arndt

Concerning the funding of Colorado water conservation board projects, and, in connection therewith, making appropriations.

HB 17-1280

Disability Trusts 21st Century Cures Act Language

Sen. Gardner / Reps. Michaelson Jenet & Young

Concerning conforming Colorado statutory language related to disability trusts to the federal '21st Century Cures Act'.

HB 17-1353

Implement Medicaid Delivery & Payment Initiatives

Sen. Lundberg / Rep. Young

Concerning implementing medicaid initiatives that create higher value in the medicaid program leading to better health outcomes for medicaid clients, and, in connection therewith, continuing the implementation of the accountable care collaborative and authorizing performance-based provider payments.

HB 17-1279

Construction Defect Actions Notice Vote Approval

Sens. Guzman & Tate / Reps. Garnett & Saine

Concerning the requirement that a unit owners' association obtain approval through a vote of unit owners before filing a construction defect action.

HB 17-1342

County Public Safety Improvements Tax Elections

Sen. Crowder / Rep. Benavidez

Concerning authorization for a county to submit a ballot question for a county public safety improvements tax at a biennial county or November odd-year election.

HB 17-1356

Treat Economic Development Income Tax Credits Differently

Sens. Garcia & Tate / Reps. Duran & Esgar

Concerning the temporary authority of the Colorado economic development commission to allow certain businesses to treat specific existing income tax credits differently.

HB 17-1155

Cure Campaign Finance Reporting Deficiencies

Sen. Gardner / Rep. Thurlow

Concerning the ability to cure campaign finance reporting deficiencies without penalty.

SB 17-193

Research Center Prevention Substance Abuse Addiction

Sens. Lundberg & Jahn / Reps. Rankin & Pettersen

Concerning the establishment of the 'center for research into substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery support strategies' at the university of Colorado health sciences center, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB 17-207

Strengthen Colorado Behavioral Health Crisis System

Sens. Cooke & Kagan / Reps. Sias & Salazar

Concerning strengthening Colorado's statewide response to behavioral health crises, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB 17-132

Revised Uniform Law On Notarial Acts

Sen. Gardner / Reps. Melton & Wist

Concerning enactment of the 'Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts' as amended.

SB 17-297

Revising Higher Education Performance Requirements

Sen. Lambert / Rep. Hamner

Concerning revising higher education performance requirements.

SB 17-129

Clerk And Recorder Preserve Plats Electronically

Sen. Sonnenberg / Reps. Becker, J. & Arndt

Concerning the electronic preservation of a plat recorded by a county clerk and recorder.

SB 17-140

Torrens Title Registration System

Sen. Sonnenberg / Reps. Becker, J. & Arndt

Concerning the Torrens title registration system.

SB 17-305

Primary Election Clean-up

Sens. Fenberg & Lundberg / Reps. Neville & Foote

Concerning modifications to select statutory provisions affecting primary elections enacted by voters at the 2016 statewide general election to facilitate the effective implementation of the state's election laws, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB 17-280

Extending The Economic Development Commission

Sen. Tate / Reps. Thurlow & Kraft-Tharp

Concerning extending the repeal date of the Colorado economic development commission, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB 17-117

Recognize Industrial Hemp Agricultural Product For Agricultural Water Right

Sen. Coram / Reps. Valdez & Catlin

Concerning confirmation that industrial hemp is a recognized agricultural product for which a person with a water right decreed for agricultural use may use the water subject to the water right for industrial hemp cultivation.

SB 17-105

Consumer Right To Know Electric Utility Charges

Sen. Garcia / Reps. Esgar & Becker, K.

Concerning consumers' right to know their electric utility charges by requiring investor-owned electric utilities to provide their customers with a comprehensive breakdown of cost on their monthly bills.

SB 17-153

Southwest Chief And Front Range Passenger Rail Commission

Sens. Crowder & Garcia / Rep. Esgar

Concerning establishment of the southwest chief and front range passenger rail commission to oversee the preservation and expansion of Amtrak southwest chief rail service in Colorado and facilitate the development and operation of a front range passenger rail system that provides passenger rail service in and along the interstate 25 corridor.

SB 17-074

Create Medication-assisted Treatment Pilot Program

Sen. Garcia / Rep. Esgar

Concerning the creation of a pilot program in certain areas of the state experiencing high levels of opioid addiction to award grants to increase access to addiction treatment, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB 17-209

Various Changes For Access To Ballot By Candidates

Sen. Priola / Rep. Weissman

Concerning access to the ballot by candidates.

SB 17-232

Sunset Bingo-raffle Advisory Board

Sen. Fenberg / Rep. Rosenthal

Concerning continuation under the sunset law of the bingo-raffle advisory board, and, in connection therewith, implementing the recommendations of the 2016 sunset report of the department of regulatory agencies.

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