DENVER — Monday, Nov. 20, 2017 — Gov. John Hickenlooper today released the following statement regarding his decision to grant clemency for 22 individuals who have served their time and are currently contributing members of their communities:

“Clemency is one of the most difficult issues a leader can face. It’s a sobering task of significant consequence. Those who apply yearn for peace of mind and the chance to continue contributing to their families and communities in meaningful ways.  

“After careful review, today I granted 22 pardons to individuals who have taken great strides to improve their lives and their communities. In many cases, they have overcome significant obstacles. Some of their criminal actions resulted from a drug addiction, some from youthful indiscretion, some from difficult childhoods or family situations, and some for reasons even they do not understand. All come from different walks of life and have a unique story to tell.

Too often, though, they struggle to find meaningful work and fully untangle themselves from their criminal histories. This decision gives them that chance. Hopefully, it will be a little easier for them to rent an apartment and put food on the table; walk into a job interview knowing they will get a fair shot; volunteer in their children’s schools; and live out their final years with peace of mind.

“This decision in no way lessens the impact their crimes had on others. My staff and I have taken this process very seriously and looked carefully at every case. The clemency process creates important opportunities and gives a second chance to someone who committed a crime at a very young age. The process involves lengthy deliberation, extensive review of the materials provided, and careful consideration of input from victims, judges, prosecutors, and others. We have great respect for the prosecutors and judges who were involved in these cases and now see how these people have lived their lives since their convictions. Some have proven themselves in extraordinary ways, others have faced serious life consequences because of infractions they committed when they were young.

“The 22 people I am pardoning today serve as an example that redemption is possible. I believe they will use this opportunity to continue improving their lives, raising families, and being productive members of their communities. They have earned the opportunity for a second chance.”

A list of the governor’s clemency actions is found here.