Positive youth development

Positive youth development, or PYD, is a strengths-based view of adolescence. This approach focuses on helping youth acquire the knowledge and skills they need to become healthy and productive adults.
  • Conceptually, positive youth development guides communities and organizations in how they organize services, opportunities and support so that all youth can be engaged and reach their full potential.
  • In practice, positive youth development incorporates the development of skills, opportunities and authentic relationships into programs, practices and policies so that young people reach their full potential.
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PYD in action tool
This tool was developed as a resource for local partners to utilize, share and evaluate their PYD approach.
May 2015 report 
Learn about the Youth Partnership for Health (YPH), a youth advisory council.

Related program
A collective, action-oriented group of Colorado youth and adults working in partnership to align efforts and achieve positive outcomes for all youth, ages 9-25, so they can reach their full potential.